Welcome to Meredith Gillespie Fine Art

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do it all day long. In our world of constant distractions, it is a rarity that we are able to focus on a project that we truly love for hours at a time. We fill our days working to pay the bills, racing to and fro just to try and maintain the status quo. These things make up life and there is nothing wrong with them but it is just truly glorious when you are able to really focus on creative work you love. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to do what I love. The process and finished product are both equally as satisfying to me.

My grandfather, Papa Boo used to ask everyone around the dinner table at night, “What did you do that was productive today? 


Well, this blog will contain the ongoing answer to that question. I will give a peek into my work in progress, sources of inspiration, random thoughts and of course the finished work!

I hope you will enjoy the process as much as I do.